Yves Saint-Laurent, a retrospective at the Petit Palais in Paris

le coeur d'Yves Saint-Laurent

You have all summer to see YSL’s life work until 29 August 2010. The Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent and the Petit Palais (City of Paris Museum of Fine Arts) are showing an Yves Saint-Laurent retrospective exhibition.  On display are 307 haute couture and prêt-à-porter models, ranging from when Yves’s began in 1958 – at 21 he was already head of Christian Dior – to the splendour of the evening dresses from 2002.

Yves designed his heart brooch in 1958 for his first collection, but he continued to pin this brooch on his favorite dress in every new show.

Historical backgrounds of the designs and the development of the Yves Saint-Laurent style are explored. In 40 years Yves Saint-Laurent revolutionised women’s clothing, by using powerful attributes from one gender to the other; the male evening suit, trouser suit and safari suit.

Here is an introduction to the exhibition:

The Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent is financed by the proceeds of the ‘sale of the century‘ that took place February 2009 at Christie’s when Pierre Bergé decided to part with Yves’ and his’ vast and eclectic art collection after Yves’ death in 2008. From a jewellery perspective it included many beautiful and important cameo’s and this extraordinary boîte à portrait of Louis XIV by Petitot (1607-1691) and Le Tessier de Montmarsy, circa 1680.


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