World Championship bracelets?!?

Did you know that our national soccer team wears so called  balance bracelets?  It’s a well kept secret because they are completely hidden under orange tape – no opponent must be hurt.  And off course,  the boys do not wear it to show off but to magnetize, electrify and empower themselves. Yesterday it worked fine!

“In this power bracelet are two holograms that will restore its wearer’s electromagnetic balance and optimize his energy-flow” according to playmaker Wesley Sneijder who introduced the bracelet to our team. Most likely he was inspired by his recent fiance Yolanthe who has tuned Wesley into fashion and spirituality. Wesley in his turn has gotten his whole team so far that they all wear the magnetized buddy bracelet – under the tape that is. So all we can do is believe him.

Wesley said that he feels stronger then ever and in order to proof the effectiveness of his bracelet he touches his toes claiming he was never ever flexible enough to do this before. We have been wondering if Yolanthe had something to do with Wesley’s newly experienced flexibility, but on the other hand Wes has been playing really well… He was Man of the Match against Uruguay yesterday in the semi finales. So let’s see what the bracelets will bring us on Sunday in the World Championship soccer FINALE. And let’s hope the Germans or the Spanish are less spiritual.

Click here to see Kuyt & Robben elaborate on their bracelet.


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